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13 May 2013 / rubytheblacklabrador

Harbour rescue

Ruby crashed out after her ordeal

Ruby crashed out after her ordeal

My Friday afternoon outing is usually around parklands close to the harbour with views over to the Opera House. Sometimes I bump into Rosy (different spelling from Rosie my best friend) and we rumble on the rock ledge on the other side of the sea wall while our owners chat.

This afternoon after we’d bounded about in the rock pools, I decided to jump off the rock ledge straight into the water – lovely, lovely. But…the tide was out so I couldn’t scramble back onto the rock ledge from the harbour. Paddled back and forth trying to get onto the ledge but the rock was too steep and the oyster shells too scratchy.

Rosy was my only hope. She raced away and barked at her owner to stop chatting and come and see where I’d disappeared to.

My owner stood on top of the sea wall and immediately saw I was in trouble. After nearly 10 minutes of dog paddling in choppy waves I was close to exhaustion. She jumped over the wall and crouched at the edge of the rock ledge calling me to ‘come’ so she could clip my lead on and hopefully drag me up. She couldn’t attach the lead so instead she reached out for my collar but slipped and lost her footing on the steep edge and plopped into the water.

We were both very scared. Me because I was so tired and my owner because she was weighed down by boots, trousers and jumper. She did manage to clip on my lead but, like me, couldn’t scrabble out. Fairly quickly Rosy’s owner appeared above us and offered her hand (she’s a muscley policewoman) shouting ‘Hold on’. She pulled my owner out of the water and using the lead, my owner dragged me up and onto the rocks.

Shook myself off and lay spreadeagled, burping up water. My owner collapsed and burst into tears. The policewoman made sure we were both ok before she let us hobble back to the car. Me in salty sea dog mode and owner squelching in wet clothes.

Owners note: That was truly awful. I was scared Ruby would drown and I’d be left with a 30kg dead dog. My hands and knees are scratched all over from the oysters and my boots are destroyed from the salt water. In chronicling Ruby’s (mis)adventures I’m clearly going beyond the call of a good story.


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  1. jane3535 / May 18 2013 11:51 am

    Ruby Ruby Ruby what will we do with you?!

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