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14 May 2013 / rubytheblacklabrador

Dead eel chase

Exhausted after dead eel chase

Exhausted after dead eel chase

Dogs are banned from swimming in the lakes at my park but running along the shore today I stumbled across something I’d never seen before – a massive, waterlogged dead eel. Rosie was in hot pursuit so I grabbed it and raced off, looking for a chance to roll in it. Found a hidden spot in the long grass before Rosie snuck up. We both ended up running side by side holding the eel in our mouths. Lots of fun until Rosie obediently ‘came’ to her owner and I got tired. My owner caught up with me and prised my mouth open. Eel was picked up with poo bag on hand and placed in the rubbish bin. Killjoy!

Owners note: Longfin eels are actually amazing creatures which migrate between the parks where Ruby lives and the south west Pacific Ocean through waterways, bays and even overland. There is 5 min ABC video about them here. Fortunately Ruby only eats dead things otherwise she could severely impact on their breeding program.

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