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15 May 2013 / rubytheblacklabrador

Ginger cake



Yesterday the pedant in the kitchen spent two hours baking a ginger cake as a special treat for the family. He’s been working long hours and wanted to thank them for walking me even when it was his turn. I watched optimistically, on the other side of the child gate which keeps me out of the kitchen area in our open plan house, drooling at the smells .

The cake finally came out of the oven and sat nicely steaming on the kitchen bench. The pedant went to the shops to buy some milk and didn’t quite shut the child gate. All alone, the rest of the family busy, I snuck in, jumped up and had all the time in the world to eat the whole cake plus lick up any crumbs. No mess at all.

Then slunk off unnoticed onto my bed and gave angry bird (my favourite soft toy) a good grooming.

Pedant came home and did his gruff voice thing (which is much louder than owner’s) and banished me to the garden. Didn’t even get any dinner and only let inside when it was dark.

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