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16 May 2013 / rubytheblacklabrador

Photos in the park

From Head on Photo Festival

From Head on Photo Festival

The annual Head on Photo Festival is in the park and huge photos are strung up on vinyl canvases between the trees. There are loads of dog photos by Holli Holitzer and me and my friends discovered these today. They are large and scary and move in the wind so we jumped up at them barking, destroying the tranquility of the park. Couldn’t work out why they didn’t bark back and soon we got bored and dug a huge hole in the sand nearby. Owner didn’t see the hole, fell awkwardly and badly twisted her ankle. Felt sorry for her and stayed in heel position for the rest of the limping walk.

Now snuggled up on the couch, owner sitting next to me with ice pack on her leg.


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  1. mollieandclaire / May 16 2013 9:15 pm

    I can’t like your post if you’ve been injured in the making of it! Much sympathy for the ankle – my only visit to Australia was just after I fractured mine…

    • rubytheblacklabrador / May 17 2013 9:27 am

      Thanks! Dogs, ankles and knees are a bad mix. Bound the ankle and put trusty walking boots on with the laces done up tight. Felt better than I expected this morning. Hope your husband’s finger is on the mend.

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